Why Communication Is ‘Make or Break’ For New Businesses

It is estimated that each and every year, 270,000 businesses start up in the UK alone. Due to this, competition is rife and it has become harder and harder for new businesses to stand out from the competition. With this in mind, it is important to think about how you can give your new business every possible advantage over your rivals. One way to do this is by establishing an effective network of communications.

Supplier-Business Communication

Supplier-Business communication is vital. Increasingly, people are seeing that rather than being a peripheral issue, communication with suppliers should be one of the cornerstones of their business model due to its knock-on effects.

A good working relationship with your supplier(s) can lead to an increase in productivity as well as business knowledge. If you communicate effectively with your supplier then you can be certain of:

  • What you have ordered
  • What the costs are
  • When it will all be delivered
  • What to do when products need to be returned

Something as simple as knowing when a shipment of coats will arrive is huge, as it means that you can give the customer an exact delivery time; making them much more likely to place an order.

Business-Staff Communication

Communicating effectively with staff can boost morale immeasurably. Something as simple as holding a team meeting on a morning or producing a weekly newsletter can make a huge difference as staff will feel part of the process as a result.

Increasing staff involvement boosts morale and means that they are more likely to be working effectively towards the aims of the business. In addition, this enhanced knowledge is also passed on to the customer as they are likely to know more about the products and services; especially if you offer additional staff training.

Staff-Customer Communication

The final thing to think about is the way that you communicate with your entire client base. The happiness of customers is vital to the success of any business and, in a fast paced business environment; it is easy to overlook the importance of staff-customer communication. Transparency and accountability are vital when dealing with customers and it important to remember that customers communicate with the business in a number of ways.

The one area where customers are neglected is the telephone and, if a customer tries to contact you and cannot reach you, you’ll lose their business. If you struggle to answer the phones, consider getting some logging and recording software like the ones offered byLanonyx. This way, you’ll never miss a call. Sometimes, paying a little extra to boost the effectiveness of your communications could save you money in the long run.


All three of these elements will lead to successful business communication and, if you can blend them together, you’ll create a transparent company who people will want to do business with. Competition on the high street is even more rife and, because of this, you need to give your business every little advantage possible. If you master the art of effective communication, it could potentially make your business a success.


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