Who Is Your Business Mentor?

Many professionals in private practice are struggling to grow a successful business. They are smart and dedicated people. Often the problem is that they don’t know enough basic business and marketing skills.

I see far too many women getting overwhelmed with trying to figure everything out and do it all themselves. They have lots of information – in fact, so much information that they become confused and overburdened. And how much of that information have they implemented? Very little.

It’s not a time management problem. It’s being able to handle all the incoming information that comes your way and know exactly what to do with it.

If you didn’t receive good business training along with your professional training program, how have you learned to grow a successful business?

There are several ways that you can learn the business and marketing basics:

o Take a short course in business or marketing.
o Take a longer business startup or marketing skills training program.
o Read several books on business and marketing and personal Branding.
o Take an online training course.
o Attend a seminar or conference.
o Work with a business coach or mentor who has successfully built a similar business to the one you want to grow.

You can’t make it to the next level of your business with just information. To grow your business you need to be continually marketing to find new clients. You need a way to keep on top of which marketing tactics are working and which ones are not working.

To build your business more quickly and generate the income levels that you want, it helps to find the best information and also to have help implementing what you have learned. Web 2.0 has changed the playing field for marketing online and many old tactics that used to work well are no longer working effectively.

To shorten your learning curve, look for people with the expertise to make it happen for you. Find mentors who can teach you the basics of what will take you from the level you’re at now to the next level.

Where do you get your business advice? Do you know whether you’re getting good advice? Where do you get the opportunity to share ideas, frustrations and challenges and get feedback and support?

You might be just one fundamental element away from building the business and income you dream about. This one element can make the difference between taking years to grow your business and taking just months.

That one element is a mentor.

I have worked with many mentors over the years. There hasn’t been a time that I haven’t worked with a coach or a mentor or a mastermind team. I credit them all with getting me to where I am today much faster than I ever could have on my own.

You can sometimes find successful people who will mentor you for free. Or, you can pay big dollars to learn from the best. Or, you can join a mastermind team to be coached by the group and often mentored by the group leader. Either way, you’ll shorten your learning curve and not feel so isolated and alone with your business challenges.

Everyone needs a mentor to take them to the next level. All you have to do is ask.


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