Three Secrets to Motivating Your Workforce

It’s commonly believed that by taking a
one-size-fits-all approach to motivating your team, you’ll see results.
However, because all businesses are different, and all teams operate
differently, a single, obvious strategy might not be the best approach
to take. So what’s the answer? Well, there are a couple of secrets to
motivating a team that just might work. Try them all out if they apply
to your company and see what happens. You might be surprised to see the

Money Isn’t Always the Answer

A common misconception in the area of team motivation is the idea
that money solves all problems. If you give somebody a slight pay rise,
they’re likely to resentfully accept, but they might feel as though
you’re trying to buy their respect, and this isn’t a sustainable way to
motivate somebody. With that in mind, non-financial incentives should be
adopted – perhaps alongside financial ones – to help bring out the best
in your team. Some great ideas are team days out, competitions between
team members and employees’, and hosting awards evenings. These are not
just throw-away financial prizes, and can help to motivate your team as
well as leave them with a lasting, positive impression of their company.
However these sort of events could be coupled with financial rewards as
it’s no secret that while it might not be the only motivating factor
money will always play a big part in making people more loyal and work
harder while working for you.

A Cohesive Team Works Best

Although pitting your team members against one another can be good
for a little bit of healthy competition, helping your team to be a more
cohesive unit is better for everybody’s morale in the long run. That’s
why it is hugely important that reported stats and figures on
individuals are not seen as to be in conflict with each other. Companies
must remember if they put each other at odds with each other there will
inevitably be arguments. Therefore, help your team to get to know each
other by introducing new members of the team when they start working for
the company, and have company-paid group lunches and team building exercises
semi-regularly so that everybody can bond. Ultimately, if you can help
your team to feel more at ease with one another, you’re more likely to
see positive results from them.

Constant Improvement through Internal Training

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to help motivate
your team is to put your trust in them. A good way of doing that is to
keep providing your team with new skills and consistently improving
them. This obviously doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to send your
team off on expensive training weeks; instead, you could bring in
specialists to carefully observe your work and suggest improvements.
Companies like Evolve can help you to make your team as effective as it can be.

So there you have it: some of the most tightly-kept secrets of how to motivate your employees. 


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