The Law of Attraction: What Abundance Gurus Don’t Tell You

If you love the idea of attraction but stub your toes when it comes
to getting consistent results, believe me, I understand.

like me, you remember a time when you first realized the power
of your thoughts. Wow! There you were, confidently stepping into a
future that was not determined by your past, and the whole
enterprise was imbued with enthusiasm (en-theos; filled with
God) and lightness. What's not to love?

And then
perhaps, attraction and positive thinking seemed to stop working.
No matter how you badgered yourself, regardless of how much
inspirational literature you read, you appeared stuck in an
unsatisfactory current reality. And then, maybe, you tried

You can't steer when you are holding on for dear life
to make the Law of Attraction work against apparent evidence
to the contrary is like climbing onto a unicycle at the top of a hill
and trusting momentum to keep you from falling. The more energy
you put into your carefully crafted (and sincere) intentions,
the harder you hit the ground when intention crashes into

When the Law of Attraction is working, the rewards
far exceed your efforts. When it isn't, no matter how much
energy you put in, you stay stuck. Fortunately, there is an
explanation for both outcomes, and it can restore you to right
relationship with infinite possibility.

A short, painless detour through physics
It's impossible to get more energy out of a system than it is
put in. That's the law of conservation of matter and energy,
and neither you nor I are in a good position to contravene it.
When the Law of Attraction produces results that outstrip your
efforts, the only possible explanation is another source of

I call that power Reality. You may call it God,
Spirit, Consciousness, The Universe – the name is immaterial.
What matters is recognizing that attraction works by virtue of a
power other than and greater than yourself.

Good news and bad news
The good news about the Law of Attraction is that it works. The
bad news is that you are the Tonto to Reality's Lone Ranger,
the Sancho Panza to Reality's Don Quixote. And that, friends,
is why your best efforts can run you ragged instead of
producing the results you long for, be it building wealth or
anything else.

Whenever you use The Law of
Attraction to escape something undesirable or get to something
you think will be better, it is doomed to failure.
That's because you are objecting to Reality, the senior partner in your enterprise.

When you try to manifest change without accepting Reality, you are up against the principles of leverage and traction.

When is a lever just a stick in the mud?
Law of Attraction magnifies your intentions and actions to
produce significant change just as leverage amplifies a relatively small
force to produce a relatively large result.

use leverage when they borrow money in the expectation that
the rate of return will exceed the cost of the loan, thus making it
possible to generate earnings even when they don't have the
cash for an investment.

In mechanics, leverage is produced
when you push down on the long end of a stick resting on a
fulcrum so that the short end moves upward with great force.

physics and metaphysics, no fulcrum = no leverage. If you can't repay
a loan, you won't profit from borrowing money. Push on a stick
without a fulcrum, and, at best, you sink the stick in the mud.

you rely on the Law of Attraction to produce results without grounding
your vision in current reality, no amount of positive thinking
or visualization will be sufficient to get what you want.

Reality is the fulcrum without which the lever of attraction is useless.

Power without traction equals spin out
you've ever hit the gas when driving on a wet or icy road, you
know that adding power when you don't have traction results in loss of
control. You can go fast, but without traction you have no
control over where you are going.

Similarly, when
you use affirmations and positive thinking to ramp up your
energy without being firmly rooted in acceptance of What Is, you
will spin your wheels every time.

Accepting – even loving – Reality is where the rubber meets the road. It is the key to traction.

The power of attraction starts with loving what is
yourself and reality here and now is the missing piece of the
attraction puzzle, but how do you do that? What if you find yourself
devoutly wishing that someone would just put you away so you won't
have to deal with yourself for a while? (Or am I the only one
who feels that way sometimes?)

When the truth is
that you don't like the way things are, then that's the place
to begin your practice of acceptance. Stop. Look. Listen to
yourself. Make room for the uncomfortable thoughts and beliefs that you
are so eager to get rid of.

There's a lovely story
of the Tibetan saint, Milarepa. One day he was meditating in
front of his cave when the demons of anger, greed, and fear
arose before him. They were truly horrible being, and the sounds they
made were gut wrenching.

Rather than push them away,
Milarepa invited the demons in for tea. One by one they
entered his cave, and in the light of his clear regard, they

Finally, only one demon remained, the most
terrifying of them all. It roared and howled, and far from
dissolving, it grew. At last, Milarepa stood and bowed, baring
his neck and thrusting his head between the demon's fangs. As
he breathed in the sulfurous stench of the creature's breath,
Milarepa whispered, "Teach me your pain."

When your own
demons howl in protest at what is, when doubts assail you and
you feel like divorcing your sweet self, it's time for tea and radical

Are you still with me? I hope so,
because here's the magic formula that restores balance to the
Law of Attraction. Acknowledge, accept, and question (not argue
with) your stressful thoughts. Sit in the answers that arise
from within.


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