Money Moves

Money moves. I've been thinking about
that lately as I've looked at how people work with money in their lives
and businesses. Money is in a constant state of movement, changing
hands, changing businesses, and demonstrating the flow and exchange of
life for material goods and comforts. In Your Money or Your Life,
the authors discuss how life is exchanged for money. More specifically
they note that everyone exchanges amounts of time for money. That time
is just part of the overall time we have to life, and yet it is the one
resource can never be replenished or renewed. We exchange time for
money, life for the means to sustain the remaining amount of life we


This is important to recognize because without that recognition we
will never really understand the value of money within our lives or
business. With that recognition we can start to make informed choices
about how we spend money, as well as what we are willing to do to
acquire it. We stop looking at money as an end goal and recognize it is a
means to an end.


When awareness about money allows us to see it as a means to an end,
we start to ask questions. One of those questions is: "What do I really
want to use my money for?" Another question is: "Is how I'm spending
money reflecting my values and the way I want to live my life?" These
questions help us understand what our time is worth and in turn allows
us to examine if what we are doing to earn the money is really within
our best interests.


Money moves and its movement is a reflection of our lives and
business. The way we spend money and what we spend it on reflects the
values of our lives, but also shows the relationship we have with money.
If we don't track the way we spend money then we are avoiding
understanding how money moves through our lives and business. It is
absolutely essential to track how money is spent and earned, in order to
discover patterns of spending and determine if the movement of your
money is going in the right directions.


The way that a person addresses financial fears starts with tracking
your money and learning these patterns of spending. When you understand
how money moves through your life and business you can make informed
choices and take control of that movement. The reason so many people
don't have control boils down to an unwillingness to examine their
relationship with money. The examination of your relationship may make
you feel uncomfortable, but that discomfort will be temporary,
especially when you start to make choices that give you a sense of
empowerment, because you are focused on directing your money toward long
term goals such as retirement or buying a house or sustaining your
chosen lifestyle.


Money moves and its movement defines your life and business. But in
turn you can define its movement through your life and business. Start
tracking your money and use that as your first step toward understanding
the relationship you have with money, so that you can create goals
around your financial life that will help you get the most worth out of
your money. Afterall, you've already exchanged precious tiem for that
money. Shouldn't you want the most out of it, as a result?


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