If You’re Not On Facebook, You’re Not In Business – 10 Essentials for Today’s Facebook

Back in the day (a couple years ago in
digital time), people used to say that if you didn’t have a website you
weren’t serious about your business.  Today, you need to be on Facebook
to gain that same creditability.  And that’s a good thing for many
reasons including the fact that FB is free and you can put together a FB
page for your business, book, services or whatever in less than 30
minutes (if you’re slow).

So, here’s some of the “FB Business Essentials” today (April 15,
2012).  These will probably change by the time you’re reading this

1. Taylor your Personal FB Page to your business. 
Focus your Personal FB page so it serves your business.  If you’re a
small business, your Personal FB page should not be filled with what
movie you saw yesterday (unless your business is connected to the
entertainment industry or you can relate that movie to your business) or
what you had for dinner (same caveat as the movie applies).  Your
Personal FB page needs to be directly connected to your business FB page
and both need to feed each other.

2. What to do if you don’t want to fix your Personal FB Page.  If you really want to use FB to share personal stuff with friends and family, you have options. 

a. Start a second FB Personal Page (OK, that violates FB rules, but people do it all the time) or

b. Use the complicated and ever-changing FB rules to make each of
your posts visible only to a certain audience.  In that way, your
business posts and personal posts can be separated.  I don’t find this a
good option for me.  When I post something new about my book or other
aspects of my work, I want all 4,360 of my FB “friends” to know about

3. Be careful how many “friends” you allow on your Personal FB Page. 
I keep my personal FB friends at about 4,400 because the limit is
5,000, and when you get near it FB won’t allow any more friends.

4. Build a FB Page that is not your Personal Page.  Here’s the link to do it   http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
Back in the olden days, these used to be called “Fan Pages.”  Now, you
have several categories to select from including Public Figure, Local
Business, Company, Brand, etc.  Go to the link and follow the
direction.  It will probably take you longer to choose the graphics to
put up than to actually build the Page.

5. After you create your FB Page, create a “Public Figure” page for yourself. 
Unless you have some reason you don’t want to be known or associated
with your business, you need this to give you more creditability as well
as to have a place to put your ever-growing number of “FB Friends” when
you start getting known and close to 5,000.  The Public Figure Page,
like all FB Pages that are not Personal, has no limit to the number of
people who can “Like” you.  And we all want to be “Liked.”

6. Start making your business related posts on your business FB page.  Then, share them on your Personal Page.  Doing this gives them double coverage.

7. Build another FB page. Then, do it again. 
There is no limit here.  As of this writing, I currently have 9
Non-personal FB pages.  The one that most interests me is called
“Livingry.”  To provide a live demo of what I’m talking about, here’s
the link.   http://www.facebook.com/Livingry.  I use my own experience as an example only because I don’t know of anyone else doing this – yet.

8. As you can see, the Livingry FB Page has a Custom URL. 
Get yours as soon as you can.  FB no longer tells you when you will be
eligible to choose it, but it seems to still be around the time you get
25 “Likes,” which for me was less than 24 hours after the Livingry FB
Page went live.

9. Always post a link to your blog posts (yes, you need
to have a blog even though that’s also from “back in the day”) on your
FB Pages.

10. Have a website or other “take action” site that you direct people to from your FB Pages. 
It can be a product or book you’re selling, a seminar on a site like
Eventbrite or anything else.  The possibilities are endless, and this
too is from “back in the day” – a couple years ago.  Still, you need to
have a reason for doing all this on FB.  You can also turn a FB page
into a “take action” page, but it’s a bit more challenging.

A Very Short History of a FB Page

(You can go to the page http://www.facebook.com/Livingry and verify this.)

April 12, 2012  – 10 pm

It takes me about 15 minutes to build the Livingry FB Page that supports my new book “A Fuller View, Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All.” 
The book already has a FB Page I started several months ago, so I can
make a post on the new page and repost it as a link on the book page
bringing people who already “Like” the book page to the new page.

I immediately start inviting my personal FB Friends to “Like” my new
page.  This is a tedious task that could be done by a monkey.  As far as
I can tell, the only way to do this is to click on each individual
person.  Also, the only way I have found to do this is to have a small
number of friends in each “batch.”  If you have too many, FB only allows
a few to process.  You can tell which are processed because they are
grayed out and you can’t click on them again.

April 12 –  11 pm

I make my first post – a Bucky Fuller quote on a graphic.  I am now
making one or two such posts every day.  These posts are also linked to
my other FB Pages.  This was a mistake in timing as I began inviting and
posting late Thursday night, so the majority of my work shows up to
invited people on the weekend.  This is not the best time for FB.  The
best time is Tuesday through Thursday –  mid-week when many people are
sitting at their desks bored and surfing FB.

April 15 (Sunday)

I have now invited over 4,000 people to “Like” the Livingry page. 
The number of actual “Likes” passes 100.  Had I done this on Monday, it
would probably be a lot higher.  People will, however, see it later.

I have spent about two hours working on the Livingry FB Page.  Most
of that time was clicking on Friends inviting them to “Like” my new
page.  I also have my Custom FB URL for the page.

Today (The Day You Are Reading This)

Check out http://www.facebook.com/Livingry  to see how it’s doing.


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