I have a business name, Now What?

I love helping people and doing the
work of the business! I absolutely love it when I get to see the look
on a person's face when they are happy with the job I have done to make
their home or business whole again. To get the opportunity to make
improvements to an area of a home or office and see how it blesses
people when they see it and use it for the first time is just a natural
high for me. I feel blessed everyday that God gave me the ability and
proficiency to this work. It is incredible that people pay for this
work to be done by me and it is very humbling when I get the opportunity
to work for people who are need of services for safety reasons. These
are all the reasons that I love being a business owner!


I discovered very quickly that it wasn't easy to get a business up
and running! I worked my way through all the documentation, fees,
registrations, accounting, invoicing and business stuff you have to do
to be a real business and I got to the point of “done/” I felt very
accomplished and proud. You can just about guess what happened. You
got it, there was nobody beating down my door with recommendations from
all the “THEYS” that said I should do this. THEY were not beating down
my door with business, my phone was not ringing and I was ready! What


New business owner panic set in and I made phone calls out of
desperation. What nobody in the THEY camp seemed to know or recommend
was that I needed to market my business. But wait, I never took
marketing what am I supposed to do. I don't have the money for a
billboard, radio or TV ad. Full page ad in the newspaper or community
magazine maybe – Absolutely NOT! All of it was way out of my price
range. I learned quickly that the best advertising was my existing
customers. I offered them money off on their next service item for
referrals to customers to turned into paying customers. I got new
business and repeat business without spending a single penny! I joined a
local networking group and went to weekly meetings to expand my “sales
force” and it worked. I spent a little bit, got breakfast or lunch
included and met some really nice people who not only needed services
but they knew others who needed help also. I had a new group of friends
and I also had more new business. I have met more interesting, unique,
and wonderful people who I never would have known and now know “THEY”
were right! I don't have to conform to a certain set of people and how
THEY function. I can run my business my way and service my customers
with kindness and compassion as well as a professional job well done.


So if you are contemplating starting a business, DO IT! I truly love
what I do, whom I get to do it for, and best of all I get to run my
business my way. I don't have to apologize for who I am or worry about
who is going to try to take over my job. I have the freedom to work as
much or as little as I want to and as long as I have a good bookkeeper
and accountant, I don't have to do too much with the business management
functions so I can just generate revenue and meet with my friends! It
is all about NETWORKING!


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