How To Create A Call To Action People Will Respond To

Local internet marketing is changing rapidly.  One notable change
that impacts local businesses is the increased opportunity for local
e-commerce.  Due to the popularity of mobile search and increasingly
advanced e-commerce platforms, more people can find an item locally and
choose to pick it up rather than pay for shipping.  Another notable
change in local internet marketing is that people can use their mobile
devices to search for a business to patronize and act on impulse. 
Almost all people connected to the online world have heard, “Shop
today!” or “Call us now!”  Creating a basic call to action is fine. 
However, creating a truly effective call to action needs to be in
meaningful context. 

Below are a few different examples of how to make a call to action more effective:

Offer different avenues for customer contact

“Contact us today,” is a common call to action that should be
tailored to customer convenience.  Allow easy ways for customers to
email, call, message, or text.  The chosen method of customer contact
should be in a format that business owners can commit to promptly
responding to.  Telling customers to contact a business ASAP and failing
to return calls can quickly send the wrong message and give customers
time to find a comparable local business that knows how to return phone
calls.  Customer responses should be followed up promptly by
businesses.  Otherwise, what is the point of an urgent call to action
for customers? 

Lower the quantity of items available 

Advertising that only one or two items are available can give
customers a push to purchase the item before someone else in cyber space
buys it first.  Showing 35 identical items in stock can give customers
an incentive to shop around for comparable items from competitors. 
Instead of saying, “Buy now before this item is no longer in stock,” let
customers put the pieces of the puzzle together by themselves.  This
way, businesses can avoid appearing gimmicky while putting pressure on
local e-commerce sales.  It is easy to relist the item the next day
until all items in overstock are sold. 

Make purchases as easy as possible to complete

Do not give local e-commerce customers a chance to look elsewhere. 
Abandoned shopping carts can be indicative of a website that is not
fully functional or not user-friendly.  Make purchases easy to complete
by investing in a credit card processing system that works and
refraining from making uncommon demands, such as requesting only money
orders or too much personal information.  Also, refrain from bothering
prospective customers with requests for quick surveys, etc.  Local
e-commerce purchases should be easy and quick to complete.  A compelling
sales pitch and great product can easily drown in a shopping cart
mess.  Also, having any sort of call to action should be designed for
customers to easily follow through and actually complete a purchase. 

The nuances of a quality call to action

Having a call to action that creates a sense of urgency can go far
beyond a blurb.  Local internet marketing experts are well-versed in
what happens after a customer responds to a basic call to action.  In
the end, a call to action should be the first step in a functional
system that results in closing a sale.
Chris Marentis


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