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GIDIGBA Markate is one of Nigeria’s largest networks of Local and International Off Takers, Distributors and Retail stores, providing business support and supply chain service.

Through GIDIGBA Markate your products can be sold and distributed across various outlets as well as an online marketplace.

So are you a producer of raw products? Or do you have processed and packaged products to standards? GIDIGBA Markate has an offering for you.

These include:

  • Marketing and distribution of your products locally through our vast range of stores (including SPAR®)
  • Marketing and distribution of your products internationally through a network of Off Takers and “Cash and Carry Stores”
  • GIDIGBA Markate pays suppliers within 30-45 day max after sale/supply guaranteeing sale proceeds
  • GIDIGBA Markate can also provide single digit interest loans to ensure production or fulfillment of supply orders or even boost production output
  • GIDIGBA Markate can buy in large quantity unprocessed or unpackaged products

Access to GIDIGBA Markate is through a one-off access fee [150,000 Naira]. For ready to market products a commission [fixed amount or %] on sales is agreed upon. Producers of raw unprocessed or unpackaged products can sell to GIDIGBA Markate at a competitive flat rate.

A payment plan or soft loan can be given to select producers who have challenges paying the upfront access fee. This facility can be recovered from product sale.

The GIDIGBA Markate Business Process

  • Register business and product(s) online: Include company and operation details, pricelist and stock/production capacity as well as Corporate documents and Certificates.
  • GIDIGBA Markate evaluation and assessment by third party partners (eg. MAN)
    • If verification process exposes gaps, the relevant services are offered (eg. NAFDAC, SON, Conduits of Excellence, Processing/Packaging etc.)
    • If verification process is passed but financial and logistic services are required, an MoU is signed.
    • If verification process is passed a vendor MOU and payment and commissions plan is sent to registrant
  • If verified succesfully and terms agreed, client purchases subscription online
  • Products are added to the online store
  • Stock inventory is taken and products are distributed to Shop’s network accordingly.
  • Export deals are brokered
  • Payment from products sold are remitted within 30-45days

Please provide an accurate and detailed information so we can process your request promptly.

Vendor Request



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