3 Easy Ways To Create Cash With Your Email Newsletter

How many times have you checked your
email inbox today? How many times throughout the day do you check for
new messages? The answer to these questions is likely more often than
you'd like to admit. The good news is, though… you're not alone! Most
of the prospective clients and customers you are looking to do business
with have similar habits. This means that your staying in touch with prospective clients, existing clients and referral partners via email is a very smart marketing strategy. Their hearing from you on a regular basis (at least once per month) creates a number of priceless benefits for your business:

• You build the all-important know, like and trust factor – your audience will view you as a reliable, trustworthy expert because you regularly provide them with helpful information.

• You stay top of mind – Your audience may not be
ready to buy from you right when you first meet them, but your staying
in touch reminds them of the solutions you have to offer. When they are
ready to buy, you'll be the first resource they look to.

• You have an opportunity to generate sales and revenue for your business

Now that I've convinced you of why you MUST be regularly publishing
an email newsletter, let's talk about how to turn that email into
dollars. Here are three simple ways you can turn your communications
into dollars:

1. Offer a free consultation and upsell to a coaching or consulting package –
People love to "try before they buy". Give them an opportunity to
sample the benefits of working with you and extend this invitation in
your newsletter. Highlight why the opportunity is worth their time and
make it easy for them to sign up (hint: use an online scheduling tool
like TimeTrade). Once you have delivered what you promised in the
session, invite them to continue what they started with one of your paid

2. Sell tickets to an event – No matter what type of
business you have, hosting online or offline events should be a regular
part of your marketing strategy. Consumers love any opportunity to see
you, your space and your "wares". Use your email newsletter to sell out
your next event and better yet, give your loyal email subscribers an
exclusive discount or a bonus to show your appreciation for them being a
valued member of your community.

3. Invite your audience to support a fundraising campaign –
Whether you have a non-profit or for-profit organization, you may find
yourself in need of raising capital for a particular cause. Your
newsletter subscribers, who have developed a relationship with you
because of your consistently staying in touch, are a great source of
support for your campaign. Plus, unlike promoting your fundraising
campaign via social media, you can include the story around the campaign
and why you are so passionate about it! This is sure to get them
engaged and motivated to support your efforts.

Remember, it's not your audience's job to remember that you
are available to serve them. It's YOUR job to stay in touch and remind
. Yes, the people on your email list are busy! But if you
consistently share tips and ideas to make their life easier, they will
always enjoy hearing from you and you'll never be perceived as a bother.
Sending a regular email newsletter is a great way to build a loyal
following and monetize your message! How will you turn your newsletter
into cash? Share your thoughts in a comment and I'll offer some helpful
tips to get you started.


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