10 Ways to Make Your Employees More Productive

Have you recently noticed a lack of
productivity at your office? If you know your employees can produce more
work than they’ve been doing lately, there’s many different ways to go
about motivating them.

Try these 10 tips to help your staff reach their potential and boost productivity at your company:

1)    Ask for Feedback: Survey your staff to find
one change that would make their lives easier. Implement this adjustment
into your daily operations and watch productivity increase. Enacting
one small change is often enough to make a big difference.

2)    Be an Effective Communicator: It’s hard for
people to do good work when they don’t understand the guidelines. Be
sure to always fully explain the details of each assignment and answer
all questions patiently and thoroughly. When your staff feels
comfortable coming to you with questions, they’re able to push
roadblocks aside, increasing productivity.

3)    Provide Incentives: Nothing makes employees
more productive than the promise of a reward. Offer small bonuses, gift
cards, paid time off, or even a prime parking spot to team members who
exceed expectations. You might be surprised how productive your staff
becomes when given an incentive.  Here’s a great article from Forbes, list 25 low-cost ways to reward your employees.

4)    Use Workforce Management Software: Workforce Management Software (ie. Synerion)
makes planning, forecasting, scheduling, and tracking workers easy,
helping to improve the balance of customer, employee, labour laws, and
organizational needs. Self-service options cut back on time, so your
employees have the ability to get more work done.

5)    Give Promotions: People aren’t productive when
they feel like they’re stuck in a dead-end job. Promoting
high-performing workers motivates others to start doing their best work,
in hopes of moving up the ladder themselves. If you don’t have the
money to raise salaries right now, changing a person’s job title and
giving them new responsibilities is a great compromise. 

6)    Compliment Good Work: People are more
productive when they feel appreciated. Take the time to thank employees
when they exceed expectations on an assignment. Everyone likes to
receive positive feedback on their work. It also motivates them to keep
striving for excellence, in order to receive more praise in the future.

7)    Empower Them: It’s hard to get motivated when
you feel like your opinion doesn’t count. Trust your staff enough to
make important decisions on their own, instead of having to go through
layers of management for approval.

8)    Focus on Key Objectives: It may sound hard to
believe, but you might actually be part of the reason your staff isn’t
reaching their full potential. When you assign a project, allow your
employees to put all their time and effort into it, instead of
distracting them with competing priorities. Focusing on one thing at a
time allows them to put all their effort into one project, instead of
spreading themselves too thin.

9)    Get to Know Them: Your staff is a group of
people with unique talents and abilities. While they’re all capable of
doing good work on a number of projects, it’s inevitable that some
assignments are going to be better suited for some than others. When you
take the time to really know your team, you get to know their
strengths, weaknesses, and interests, helping you to assign work that
gives them the opportunity to shine.

10)  Lead by Example: If you want your staff to be
more productive, set a good example for them. Come to work on time,
spend your days accomplishing items on your to-do list, and don’t leave
early. As the boss, your employees look to you to set the tone for the
office. If you give off a vibe of not caring about the company, they’re
going to follow your lead.

Sometimes one minor adjustment can result in a major productivity
increase. Take the time to focus on your team and find what motivates
them to gain optimal results.


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